Online Small Business Coaching

in Trinidad and Tobago

About Me

"Hi, I am Emma J. Charles, a business coach
in Trinidad and Tobago. I work with start-ups
and small business owners by helping them legally
protect and grow their business. I am also
an entrepreneur, just like you."

Hi I am Emma Charles a small business coach for entrepreneurs in Trinidad and Tobago. We can work together to help protect and grow your business.

I was born into a family of entrepreneurs and throughout my life I have witnessed first-hand the daily challenges of growing a business. For example how your business is formed, hiring and firing of employees, getting paid on time and protecting your trade secrets.

Through my family’s experience and my own experience as an entrepreneur, I have developed a passion for empowering small business owners. I enjoy helping others become more informed about attaining business success and how to protect their investments.

It is my goal to build an online information repository to help small business owners in Trinidad and Tobago protect and grow their businesses.

Join me on this journey as I build an online learning centre just for you. We will provide you with key information, through on-demand online courses, customisable legal forms and blogs that will help you successfully start and run your business.

Also for start-ups we will incorporate your Ltd company for you, provide domain name registration, personalised business emails, logo design and website landing pages creations.

Some exciting features you can look forward to include:

Easy to understand small business online courses to successfully start and operate your business.
A growing repository of Customizable Legal Forms and Templates needed to ensure legal compliance and to protect your business.

Remember to incorporate your Company today via our hassle free online company formation service.

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